Sober Scooters!


Picture this. You’re at a bar. You’ve had too much to drink. If none of your friends are sober enough to drive, you have two options: Call a cab or drink and drive. We don’t recommend drinking and driving. If you’re in San Diego, a new company has a perfect plan for what they call more »

Trippin’ in Sobriety


You’ve waited all year for a much-anticipated break from the grind of daily life. You’ve researched all your options and planned every detail of your summer vacation down to where you’ll eat and what you’ll wear. But if you’re in recovery from addiction, you may have overlooked some of the details that matter most. How more »

Smoking and Schizophrenia


For mental health workers, it is well known that an overwhelming majority of psychiatric patients diagnosed with schizophrenia are heavy cigarette smokers. Surveys have shown that at least 60 percent of patients exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia are smokers, compared with a national average that hovers just above 20 percent. Writing in the New England Journal more »

The School for Sober Campanions


“Sober companions” are often paid big bucks to escort affluent, newly-sober addicts through the difficult period of early recovery. Until now, there’s been no real training program for those in the profession, leaving newbies to figure the process out as they go. “It was trial by fire,” Tim Harrington, co-founder of Sustainable Recovery and a sober more »

Recovering Singles


Created by people in recovery for people in recovery, Sexy and Sober Singles is a new Long Beach-based online dating service. Launched last month by Shannon Shea and Paul Kole, who also own the circa-2006 Sexy and Sober apparel and accessory company, there already are more than 60 people — including straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual more »

A recovering Inspiration


Dotsie Bausch pedaled easily and took in the smell of the blooming flowers. She was enjoying an easy ride toward the ocean near her Irvine, Calif., home on a cool but sunny morning, and there was no pain. She was nearing the apex of her long, incredible journey from illness, and felt nothing beyond the more »

Elton John’s Inspiration

Elton John Performs Oberhausen

Sir Elton John is living life as an open book with the release of his first-ever memoir, “Love Is The Cure: On Life, Loss and the End of AIDS,” in which he opens up about his battle with drug and alcohol addiction.   It’s been years since John got sober, but as he tells NPR, more »

Food For The Addicted Brain


For any addictive behavior, a good place to start the path of recovery is at the end of your fork. Beating an addiction and staying committed to sustained recovery depends on your optimal mental health, and science tells us that your mental health is powerfully affected by what you eat. A path to recovery from more »

Marilyn Manson: Good Health Due to Drugs?


The 43-year-old singer – who has written a number of songs about illegal substances, including ‘Dope Show’ – claims to have “no health problems” thanks to years of consuming alcohol and taking drugs. He said: “My body is a place where drugs and alcohol have made germs afraid to live. I have no health problems more »

High Tech Addicts


If you drink alcohol or take drugs, it stands to reason that they will have an impact on the balance of chemicals in your brain. But can spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media cause a surge of compounds that act like drugs or alcohol and keep you coming back? Experts more »